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Support Character Template

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Support Character Template Empty Support Character Template

Post by Celestria on Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:12 pm

Support Personnel

Name: (Self-explanatory, I should hope)

Age: (actual and appearance, if there's a difference)

Race: (See the Races list for options)

Gender: (Male or Female. "Neither" is an acceptable option for Cravat. "Both" is a situation that needs to be explained within the history.)

Homeland: (Where is the character living? Every character has a Homeland. This determines where you start RP and should influence some of your other choices.)

Class: (See Class List)

SubClass: (See Class List)

Elemental Affinities: (Those elements which a character is strongest at using. Characters are not limited to ONLY using the Elements with which they have an Affinity, but they are strongest with them.)

Strengths: (Things the character excels at, what he or she does best. Personality quirks go under Personality, this is more for skills and abilities.)

Weaknesses: (Things the character is lacking in terms of skills or abilities.)

Battle Style: (How does your character fight? Distance? Up close? In the thick of things? Physical or magical attacks primarily? Anything to help us get an idea of what the character will be like in battle.)

Appearance: (What does the character look like? Clothing style? Anything to help with the mental picture. As a note of warning, the setting is Steampunk. That DOES have an affect on what kind of clothing styles are going to be readily available. Think Van Helsing, John Wayne, Gothic Victorian styling, or The Last Samurai if you need ideas.)

Personality: (What is the character like in terms of behavior or thought patterns? Quirks? Eccentricities? Flaws of nature?)

History: (Everyone comes from somewhere and the character is no exception. Where did the character come from? Where are they seeking to go to? What goals does the character have? Please try not to skimp on this, as this is sometimes the best way to get the character firmly in the mind of the player.)

Pictures: (try not to go overboard with pictures, but this can sometimes be helpful in giving other players something visual to use to create mental images.)

--- --- ---
Support Personnel are secondary characters that a given Main Character can have as assistants in battle or who can be used for secondary RP in their own right. They can fight independently from the Main Character and they can RP independently as well.

Support Personnel can never be *stronger* than the Main Character, but they can be the equal of that Character. Because of this, Support Personnel are considered to have the same point count as the Main Character as it relates to MP and Spells and other paraphernalia.

A member may create up to two Support Personnel for their Main Character at the beginning. At 350 points a third Support Personnel may be created. At 750 points a fourth Support Character may be created. A fifth becomes available at 1500 points. Support Personnel may be killed in battle or in the course of events, in which case the thread for the Support Character must be marked (RIP) or otherwise noted that the character is out of commission before the Support position can be filled with a replacement Character.

A Support Character *may* be approved to be a Summoner by the Administration, but only as a Subclass. All Support Personnel must be primary classed in something other than Summoner.

All of the items, Spells, Equipment, Enchantments, etc, for a Support character are to be posted in the appropriate Forums using the appropriate templates. Be certain to notate that the item or spell is for a Support Character and be certain to link everything in a single Profile post for each player that covers the Main and all Support Characters.

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