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Advocat, King of the Death Dealers

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Advocat, King of the Death Dealers Empty Advocat, King of the Death Dealers

Post by Darkness on Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:53 pm

Name: Advocat

Age: Looks 23 years old but in truth he is over a thousand years old.

Race: Death Dealer

Gender: Male

Homeland: Was Tartarus but now lives Glaisne

Class: Dark Knight

SubClass: Summoner

Elemental Affinities:
Primary: Darkness
Secondary: Death
Tertiary: Fire

Strengths: He is good at summoning creatures by using sorcery, he is good at using scythes and chains in battle, he is very good business man, he is also good at trickery, and collecting the souls that he is owed. Also he is good at talking with and making deals with devils and demons, his fire, darkness, and death magic is more powerful than most, and he is quite resistant to darkness and he has some resistance to fire. He is also quite fast since he needs to be to chase down those that owe him souls.

Weaknesses: He has a habit of betraying people, he is weak against light based magic and water based magic, he will become a slave if he brakes a contract with someone, he must do what ever the contract tells him to do, and those with holy powers, like angles, are very deadly to him. He also takes some extra damage from ice and his physical defense is not that great.

Battle Style:He likes to let his summoned demons and devils do all the work for him or trick someone else into fighting for him, but when he does fight he likes to fight close ranged. He will also try to mess with his opponent's mind if he can and will use cheap shots to beat someone for he is not one to be controlled by the foolish notion of honor.

Appearance: When Advocat his working and looking to make deals with people he looks like the grim reaper himself by wearing a long black cloak that covers his entire body with both of his large black wings sticking out of the back as he carries his scythe around and a book filled with the names of people who had done business with hanging on a silver chain that goes around his whist. The names are written with blood and beside each one is a box that is either checked or not to tell if the soul has been collected. But when he is not working he does not wear his cloak and walks around in a black suit that has gold trimmings with his two wings sticking out of the back, so you would think he was a gentleman. His skin is white and he has black hair and red eyes, he stands at six feet tall and only weights 130 lb's.

Personality: He is a not a evil person but likes to work a situation toward his favor by tricking people and lying, he does protect the rare few that are able to become his friends and he might sometimes fall pray to a woman's beauty but that is a rare event. He also loves to make deals and bets with people, with the person's soul being his prize if he wins and him working for someone if he loses. He also likes to tease people and if he is around a very valuable soul he becomes enticed by it and might do something he wouldn't normally do.

History: Advocat was born in England during the dark ages and had a normal English family, his family was normal sized one father, one mother, one sister, and himself. He went to school like a normal person and grew up with normal friends, but this normality was slowly driving Advocat crazy. He didn't want a normal life he wanted a life full of excitement and danger and he had grown to hate his family and his current life. So he started to study the dark art of sorcery so that he could do something to change his life and save him from the hellish prison of normality. He soon learned that he had an uncanny knack for sorcery and soon became a master at the age of 18, one of the youngest ever to become a master of sorcery. He soon started to study magic that no other sorcerer would dare to study for he was now learning how to use the power of hell it self for his own use.

For two years he dived deeper and deeper into the dark arts and soon he was able to summon the very demons of hell to do his bidding, but that still wasn't enough for him. No, he wanted more, so he crossed the final line and used his magic to summon a devil and many tried to stop him but they were all killed by Advocat's demon minions and soon he was able to summon his first devil. This devil's name was Grimmlet one of the most powerful devils ever and when he saw Advocat he was quite impressed with the young sorcerer and asked him "What is your wish?" "What?" "I said what is your wish, tell me and I will grant it." "Ha, don't take me for a fool. I know you cannot get something without losing something in return. Now what do you want in return for granting my wish?" "Ha, for one so young you are quite wise. In return for me granting you your wish I want your soul as payment." "Hmm I doubt my soul will be payment enough for what I want, but what about I give you the souls of my family?" "Hahahahahahah, you would sell your own family for this wish, Hahahahhahaha! You are more like a devil than a human." "I will take that as a complement, now my wish is for me to become one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world and to control the forces of hell it self."

"Hahahahahahahahhahaha! Not even your family's soul will be payment enough for that." "Then how about I promise to collect souls for you until I have payed you back?" "Hmmmm, that just might work...Ok human. If you give me the souls of your family and promise to collect a soul that represents one of each of the seven deadly sins then I will consider our deal payed in full, agreed?" "Agreed." "Now sigh this contract with your blood." Said Grimmlet as a large piece of paper appeared in the devils hand. Advocat took a nearby pin and stuck it in his finger and placed his name on the contract. "Good, the contract is now binding and cannot be broken by you or I. Now time for your reward." as Grimmlet said this the fires of hell engulfed Advocat as demons of hell jumped into the flame and caused it to turn black. Soon the flame disappeared and standing where once stood a handsome young man stood a being that looked like the grim reaper himself. "Now go and collect the souls of your family." "With pleasure." said Advocat as Grimmlet disappeared back into hell.

Advocat then walked toward his home in the dead of night and knocked on the door, his father answered the door and was soon sliced by Advocat's scythe but his body did not get cut in half. No the scythe had torn the man's soul out of
his body and had absorbed it and sent it to hell, Advocat repeated the same action on his mother and his sister and then to make sure no one would know what happened he set his home on fire and burned it to the ground and said "Well that was out of the ordinary.....I liked it." Advocat then started to train to learn how to use his scythe even more effectively and all the while he was getting people to sign contracts with him so that they could get want they wanted and soon Advocat became known as the Devil's Advocate.

He soon collected the souls he owed Grimmlet in the following two years and was now able to do what ever he wanted but he kept the power to make Devil contracts and now uses the souls he collects to become more powerful. But after a few hundred years Grimmlet decided that Advocat had to be put under control and so the Devil used it's powers to force Advocat into submission but the Devil had underestimated Advocat's powers and intelligence as the Death Dealer said "Ha you think that I would allow myself to be put under your control, I knew you would try this some day and I have made sure that I knew spells and magics that were deadly to you." "Hahahahaha......you think that you are my only creation you fool! Yes you are the most powerful but not the only one." replied Grimmlet as three figures appeared behind Grimmlet as he said "Say hello to your kind you worthless piece of trash!" Advocat was shocked by this turn of events and so he was unable to stop the other Death Dealers that were slaves to Grimmlet from beating him down enough for Grimmlet to subdue him and force him to work for the Devil.

So for a hundred years Advocat was treated worse than a dog by Grimmlet but all this time he was slowly biding his time and learning how to break Grimmlet's control over the only other Death Dealers in existence, and on the ninety ninth year of his slavery Advocat was able with great difficulty to get Grimmlet to let him go into the deepest part of Hell. Advocat counted on the fact that Grimmlet would not know of his true intentions and he was right as Grimmlet was a man full of too much pride as he didn't expect Advocat to find anything that could be used against him. But Advocat knew that the very scythe that was used by Thanatos ,the very first grim reaper, was hidden in that part of Hell as Death was around even before Hell was created so Grimmlet did not know about it but would have if the Devil would read a few books but alas he does not.

After months of looking in that part of Hell Advocat was able to find the lava pool that protected that scythe and this is the part where Advocat gave up his human flesh that he kept safe for so long, he jumped into the lava with magical wards all around him but the spells could not protect him fully from harm as the lava burned away his flesh and Advocat was nearly dead but he was just able to reach the scythe and became protected by the scythe magic as he walked out of the lava as all of his skin was gone and he was in sense a Grim Reaper. His powers grew large enough from the stored magic in his Scythe that he could take on Grimmlet and his enslaved Death Dealers. Advocat returned looking like he was badly injured to trick Grimmlet as the Devil laughed and went to kick Advocat he grabbed the Devil's leg and said "Not this time Grimmlet, and I will be taking my fellow Death Dealers too." Advocat threw the Devil back as he changed into his Grim Reaper like state as he held up Thanatos's Scythe in his hands as he slashed at the Devil badly wounding Grimmlet because of the power behind the slash and how the Devil was caught off guard.

Grimmlet called for his Death Dealers and they too fought with Advocat but he bound them in chains that they could not break as he put the blade of the Scythe against Grimmlet's neck as he said "Let them go............or I will drag you to Heaven and let the angels deal with you." Grimmlet simply laughed as he said "Fine Advocat, it seems that I made quite a race one that is better than the humans that were made by that angel whore Salvana. I will let them go but you no longer live in Hell." "Deal" Grimmlet broke the contracts that bounded the other Death Dealers to him as he and Advocat signed a new contract. Advocat walked to the Death Dealers and said "Let us leave this place I will make us a new home and we shall do what we wish with the souls of the living and the dead." Advocat and the other Death Dealers then disappeared from Hell as the Death Dealer King used the last amount of stored energy inside of the Scythe that was left there by Thanatos to create a new world called Tartarus. Advocat was then chosen by the other three Death Dealers to be their leader and so he did as he made sure that their race continued to grow by having the others help him find humans, angels, and even lesser devils that might want to become Death Dealer's themselves.

But this practice was mostly focused on the human race as the humans were easy to get to make deals with the Death Dealers and as such when humans learned of the Death Dealer's existence hundreds of years after the Death Dealer's became their own race they started to fight back and soon it was a bit of a problem for Death Dealers to get humans to make deals, but with all those hundreds of years of not being known about helped make the Death Dealer's population large enough that simple reproduction could keep the population growing as Advocat then declared war on the humans for they were the only race that focused on attacking them as the Devils and Angels were far too busy fighting each other to care about the Death Dealers. This went on for thousands of years in the realms his people watched over and worked in, but in due time someone always get a bit too nosy for their own good and mess with powers they have no right to tamper with.

Advocat was enjoying a wonderful cup of whine when suddenly very powerful runes appeared under his chair and started to pull him into it, at first he was upset but after a bit he decided it would just be best to kill those that made the spell instead of fighting the spells itself. He allowed it to jerk him out of his realm and drop him into this realm of existence though a dark portal to Tartarus was still open under him, he looked at the mortals with a bored look as he then said "What do you want.....I was enjoying tea....." The mages looked up at him and said "You are now our servant, and with you we will control all there is to control in this world." Now that was the WRONG thing to say to Advocat as his eyes flashed red and his body changed, his face became covered in a skull and his body covered in a dark cloak as he then said "I am no one's servant........" He broke the rune holding him with ease before going on a killing spree as he slaughtered every single person in the room.

He then got ready to go back through the portal but when the last Mage finally passed on the rune and portal became unstable, it started to rip apart and with it Advocat's power was being torn out of him as well which caused him to clinch his teeth together to resist the pain. After a few moments the portal was gone but what was worse was that when he looked into the little black book of his he saw that most of the souls he collected were gone and with that most of his power. He then thought *Well this is annoying.......* and hence fourth Advocat was now trapped in this realm and would do what ever he needed to gain the power to return to Tartarus.

Pictures: Advocat, King of the Death Dealers 16ll4510

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Advocat, King of the Death Dealers Empty Re: Advocat, King of the Death Dealers

Post by Celestria on Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:13 pm

Darkness, if you'll be patient with us, we're figuring out how to deal with Death Dealers in the rebuilt site. They'll probably be closer to a status condition or something like that since you start out as a race and become a Death Dealer.

Just letting you know that we aren't ignoring this.

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