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Rapid Fire

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Rapid Fire

Post by Grana on Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:39 pm

Name:Rapid Fire

Appearance: Three small orbs of flame appear, and begin circling Grana. When fired, Grana controls the orbs with his right index finger as the orbs zip around the area at high speed, fast as a bullet.
Class/Purpose: Offensive

Elemental Associations: Fire

Effect: Causes base level Fire damage, and inflicts Oil for one post per hit, up to a maximum of 3 posts.

Range: Spell can be targeted at anything within a 40 foot diameter around Grana, within tis range it can be controlled. Once outside of the range, the spell continues in a perfectly straight line until it hits something.

Magic Cost: 20 MP per 3 orbs, can summon more orbs by expending more MP.

Special Notes: 2 post duration. Mage, from Fiacre. Controlling the orbs manually requires a great deal of concentration, making it impossible for Grana to cast any further spells while this is in effect.

History: The first spell Grana ever learned, Rapid Fire remains as deadly dangerous as any other spell in his arsenal. His magic instructor tasked Grana with creating a spell that could hit three moving targets simultaneously. Instead of going with the typical Nova spell that his fellow students seemed to adore, Grana went with a more practical, efficient route, and came up with this. On the first trial of the spell, Grana left his instructors speechless by breaking all previous records in efficiency, power, and speed on the course. He was, at the time, only five.

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Re: Rapid Fire

Post by Celestria on Tue Feb 16, 2010 6:05 pm

Okay, Tier 1 damage for 10mp - check

Status effect with strike for another 10mp - check

limits concentration . . . limit at three post duration for the status effect . . .

Looks good to me.




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